Stay Wasted!

Welcome to the electrifying realm of Wasted Maniacs, where raw power collides with enigmatic allure! Step into a world crafted by the hands of three charismatic virtuosos, whose origin story is as captivating as their music. Picture this: a serendipitous encounter in the heart of a moonlit forest, where fate intertwined the destinies of these mysterious, sexy maestros. With a shared passion for all things heavy, they channeled their energies into forging a sonic journey that defies convention and ignites the senses. The Wasted Maniacs exude an irresistible magnetism both on and off the stage, casting a spellbinding aura that leaves audiences entranced. Their music, an intoxicating fusion of molten riffs and thunderous rhythms, will transport you to realms uncharted, where adrenaline surges and your soul resonates with every note. Join us in celebrating the enigma, the allure, and the sonic brilliance of Wasted Maniacs – a band that redefines the very essence of metal ‘n’ roll.

On Sep 1st 2023 we released our debut album Attack of the Pack. Check out Shows to see us live and Music to find our published tracks.

Wasted Maniacs – Heavy Metal Freak
Wasted Maniacs – Dirty Sarah

Our single Dirty Sarah came with a mobile game, get it on Google Play or App Store.

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On Nov 21st 2022 we released our debut single!

Wasted Maniacs – Rock ‘n’ Roll is Back

Dirty Sarah at Bismarcker Rocktage ’23
Live in Oberhausen Feb ’23

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